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  Agriculture Engineer:  Mahmoud Said

 Information About Me :   

Eng /  Mahmoud Said Hanafi

 Born on :  March 9 ,1984. , in  Alex , Egypt .

*   B.Sc. Of Agric. ( Poultry Production ) , Alexandria University , 2006 .

*  M.Sc in ( Poultry Husbandry ) Fac of Agric , Alex Univ, 2011 .

*  Engineer at Animal Production Administration in  Alexandria 

   directorate of Agriculture .

*  Obtained "  I C D L"   V.4  Adopted by UNESCO , 2008  .

*  Obtained " LOCAL TOEFL"  Adopted by ESP Center Of Alex Univ , 2011.

*  Member in The Egyptian Poultry Science Association  ( EPSA ) .

* Manager  and Founder of  Encyclopedia Poultry World Site ( EPWS ) .

* Production Manager in AL Waheeb Poultry Co., AL Kuwait , 2012  

* Published alot of articles in Egyption Poultry World Magazine

  " Issues" ( vol 12,16,17,18,19,21 ) . 

* Published International M.Sc.Thesis Book, By LAMBERT Academic

  Publishing in Germany ,2012.  ISBN: 978-3-659-12810-3 .  

*Mahmoud M.S.H, Soliman F.N.K, M.Bahie EL- Deen and Azza EL Sebai,

 Effect of Different types of Litter on Broiler Performance. Italian Science

Review.2014; 4(13). PP. 654-656.  

*M.S.H. Mahmoud, F.N.K. Soliman, M.Bahie EL- Deen and Azza EL Sebai,

2014. Effect of Different Types of Litter on  Broiler Performance. Research

Journal of Poultry Science, 7: 1-6.






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           Skype :         m.said49   

      Facebook :        www.facebook.com/mahmoud.said.775  


Engineer / Mahmoud Said

Engineer at Animal Production Administration  in  Alexandria  directorate of agriculture 






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  Broiler management program v.2 2015 CD



English Poultry Books 2015(PDF) CD


Mahmoud M.S.H, Soliman F.N.K, M.Bahie EL- Deen and Azza EL SebaiEffect of Different Types of Litter on Broiler Performance. Italian Science Review. 2014; 4(13). PP. 654-656. 

 M.S.H. Mahmoud, F.N.K. Soliman, M. Bahie EL-Deen and Azza A. EL Sebai, 2014. Effect of Different Types of Litter on Broiler Performance. Research Journal of Poultry Sciences, 7: 1-6.

Available at URL: http://docsdrive.com/pdfs/medwelljournals/rjpscience/2014/1-6.pdf






Book Details:

ISBN: 978-3-659-12810-3
Editor: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 
Contributor : Mahmoud Said



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